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Rangitoto Sunrise, New Zealand
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 Pirelli P Zero 265/35 ZR19 (used)
 Contact: Fairmarket 
July 7, 2016

Just replaced a couple of rear tyres and ended up with this one spare from the right hand side because it replaced a tyre ruined by a nail in the sidewall at about 18k

It’s done about 20k because the car is now at 38k so, based on my usage, it has about 18k left in it. You might wear it out in 10k, but that’s up to you!

Would keep it except I’ve changed to a different tyre altogether

If you’re looking at these tyres you’ll know they are eye-wateringly expensive at about $600+ so grab this one while you can

Pickup is central Takapuna

Price: (NZD) $95.00

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 Mazda MX5 Race Modifications Part 1, 2 & 3
 Contact: Fairmarket 
March 1, 2015

These three articles cover the installation of a Motorport New Zealand approved roll-bar for sports car racing, replacement of the standard seats with lightweight race seats and the installation of a harness seatbelt

Part 1, 2 & 3

Price: CALL

 Link: drive.google.com/
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 Mazda MX5 Race Modifications Part 4 & 5
 Contact: Fairmarket 
March 1, 2015

These two articles cover selection of racing wheels and proper race tyres, mainly to save wear and tear on the daily set

News Flash: Just tried out the Bridgestone RE11 at Taupo over the weekend and they are bloody hopeless. Slide all over theplace! No way are they even close to a proper race tyre. Very good road tyre though

Meanwhile, Toyo have replaced the T1S with T1R, which I believe is a big improvement with a lot more tread contact, less squirm and very much quieter on the r oad

Part 4 & 5

Price: CALL

 Link: drive.google.com/
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